Viruses FAQs

by Mark Braught

What are Viruses? 
Viruses (proper English plural pronunciation is actually Virii) are programs written to destroy, subvert, disable or generally cause your computer to fail. 

Is Virii and Spyware the same? 
Technically, No. Virii are used to disable systems while spyware is designed to get information from you (spy), hence the name: Spyware. There are many similarities between them and sometimes they cross the definitional lines. Many people often use them interchangeably. Also see Spyware FAQ.

Where do Virii come from?
Viral components are written pieces of software that are usually sent through the email, or downloaded via web pages and script programs that come in through many ports on the Internet. 

How do I know if I have Viral components are on my system? 
The computer will act sluggish, not boot properly, not boot at all and just not be “behave normally.” Some of the symptoms will be similar between Viral and Spyware infestations. 

Can I prevent Viruses? 
Yes you can. Virii come through the Internet and infect a computer that is not protected with a effective and current Antivirus. As with many human illnesses prevention is the best medicine. Keeping your AV program current and up to date is the best answer and run regular scans. Also make sure that you have a program that scans, blocks and removes Spyware. 

Can I remove the Viral Infections?
There is no clear answer to that considering that each virus attacks different files and system functions. Some come out easily and other cannot be removed because they embed themselves deep into hidden system files. You should make sure your Antivirus program is up to date and run a comprehensive scan. Most viral components are caught with an effective and current Antiviral software. 

I think I have a viral infection but cannot run or load my Antivirus program. What do I do? 
Unfortunately, many virii interfere with the running and loading of AV software. If you cannot get your AV program going there is a good chance the infecting program is blocking its operations. This is where it becomes very difficult. You must identify and remove the infecting component manually. 

MBCS technician are trained and keep up with the latest viral and spyware threats. If you believe you have Spyware or viral components on your system MBCS can remove them. And more importantly keep them out of your system in the future. Call us today to see how we can help you.


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